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Marine Collagen: Unveiling the Superior Benefits over Bovine Collagen

In this article, we will explore the advantages of marine collagen over bovine collagen, highlighting its effectiveness in supporting a healthy skin, joint health, and overall well-being.

Collagen Supplements: Everything you need to know

Collagen seems to have taken the supplement world by storm; this stuff is available everywhere and in all shapes and sizes. The natural protein is known for its anti-aging effect on the skin and joints, but how do you make sense of all the different supplements and choose the right one? We list it.

Wies from BLOW did research and wrote an instructive piece about collagen supplements!

After speaking with experts, Wies comes to the conclusion that the new insights about collagen supplementation are promising!

What is Aloe Vera good for?

Most people will be familiar with this plant; either as a part of your interior, or as your favorite ingredient in skincare products: the Aloe Vera. But what do we really know about this plant and its functions?

Helen from Beautyill tested the 60-Day Power Boost!

On her beautiful lifestyle & beauty blog, Helen recently wrote an article about CelioGenix. In this blog she tells more about how she experienced our 60-Day Power Boost. Curious?

Side Effects of Collagen

Taking collagen is becoming increasingly popular because of the many beauty and health benefits, but is it really such a miracle cure for your problems? How about the side effects? Are there even side effects? What can you do to prevent these? We discuss it all in this blog.

Fun facts about the skin, hair, and collagen!

We’ve put together some fun facts about the skin, the hair, and collagen. Read this blog to learn some facts you didn’t know before!

What is the best time to take collagen?

Okay, so you know that supplementing with collagen can visibly improve your skin, hair, and nails and you’re willing to try it. But at what time of the day should you take it? Does it matter? How does your body even absorb the collagen and how does it get to your skin? Read this blog to find out how you can give collagen supplements a fair chance.

CelioGenix in online magazine MamsatWork

Joyce from online magazine MamsatWork tested and reviewed our Collagen Beauty Drink. She wrote a nice article about this on her online blog.

What does Holistik say about CelioGenix?

The ladies of online magazine Holistik, Evelyn and Karlijn, dove into the CelioGenix beauty shots and discovered what collagen in combination with vitamins and minerals can do for your skin, hair, and nails.

Beautyblog Beautybyfrieda: why Frieda is a fan of CelioGenix!

Frieda tried CelioGenix and wrote about it on her blog beautybyfrieda. As a true beauty-lover knowing the importance of taking collagen, she evaluated our Collagen Beauty Drink and explained why she’s a fan.

What is Vitamin C good for?

Every now and then we take one of our ingredients and explain what this ingredient is good for. In this blog we will explain everything you need to know about Vitamin C.  

The Sun, UV & Vitamin D

Good skin care and a healthy life include good knowledge about our greatest friend & enemy: the sun. What exactly is the situation with UV radiation and skin damage, and how does vitamin D contribute to our health? You can read it all in this blog.

Beautyblog Beautytijd: duo review CelioGenix

For their beauty blog, Wilma and Eveline wrote a nice piece about CelioGenix Beauty Drink. Mother and daughter both tested the collagen drink and evaluated the workings and its quality:

Why should I choose marine collagen?

If you have been searching for collagen supplements online, you’ve probably noticed there are many different brands with different sorts of collagen. In this blog post, we will clear some things up for you about collagen and where it can be sourced from.

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