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Our membership

How does the membership work?

At CelioGenix, we believe that beautiful skin starts from within. And that regularity and routine are important. That is why we prefer to offer Collagen Beauty Drink as a member service and always with a 45% discount.

The member service in three easy steps

Cancel or pause membership?

Log in to your customer account

Click on the icon in the menu bar.

Enter your email address and password.

If you don’t know your password, click on the link Forgot password?. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a mail with a link. Open this link to create a new password.

You are now logged in to your customer account

If you want to stop your subscription, click on “Cancel“. You will not receive any order from this subscription anymore.
Click on “Suspend“, if you want to pause your subscription. To activate again click on “Reactivate
Click on “Change address” to change your billing or shipping address
Click on “Change payment” to change your payment method
Click on “Renew now“, your subscription order will be directly created and processed.