What is collagen

The secret to a younger looking skin?

The term is often used when talking about skincare, but what is collagen? What does collagen do, why do many find it so important and how does it work in beauty products?

How does collagen work?

Collagen is an important structural component that is often used in the fight against skin aging. It is a protein that can be found in the skin, but also in our joints, bones, tendons, and muscles. A young skin structure consists for about 80% of collagen. In the middle skin layer – the dermis – collagen fibers keep the skin firm and young.

There are many products that contain collagen. In skincare supplements this often comes in powder or pill form, but the CelioGenix Collagen Beauty Drink is a liquid drink to make it even more easy to use.

Skin layers

The human skin consists out of multiple layers


The top layer is called the epidermis. This is the one we can actually see and touch. Amongst other things, it protects us from outside influences.


Beneath the epidermis lies the dermis. Here we have blood vessels and sebaceous glands, but mainly collagen.


The hypodermis connects the skin to muscles and underlying body structures.

The skin's structure and firmness is connected to the density of collagen fibers in the dermis

Younger skin

A young, full, and glowing skin will not have a shortage of collagen. The body is capable of producing the protein and turns this into a glowing appearance.

Mature skin

A mature skin can – through intrinsic (age) and extrinsic (outside influences) skin aging – have lost collagen and its elasticity with wrinkles as a result.

Wrinkle formation due to a lack of collagen in the dermis skin layer.

Skin aging is a continous process


The collagen decrease is a continuous process and can even accelerate rapidly when women enter the menopause. This is why women in this phase (usually somwhere between 40 and 60 years old) can find that their skin suddenly ages and wrinkles at a fast pace.


Like women, men lose collagen during the aging process. However, for men this usually happens later and more gradually over the years. (2) Men’s wrinkles do tend to be deeper due to a thinner layer of fat beneath the dermis.

Chart showing the loss of collagen with age.

Collagen Loss

What if you want to make your skin more beautiful from within?

In the chart 'Collagen Loss with Age' you see an example of how you can lose up to 80% of the collagen in your skin during the years. If you wish to avoid getting of reduce having fine lines and wrinkles, losing this much collagen in your skin is not desirable.

Many beautylovers therefore choose to add supplements to their everyday healthy lifestyle to maintain the firmness of their skin.

CelioGenix is an all-in-1 beautysupplement with 10.000 mg collagen, 11 vitamins, 6 minerals, and 2 moisturizers.

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How to supplement the collagen shortage?

Add hydrolyzed collagen to your healthy lifestyle

When choosing a collagen supplement, you want to make sure the collagen is hydrolyzed. This means that after the sourcing, the collagen has been broken down into smaller collagen peptides. Smaller particles are easier for your body to absorb.

CelioGenix uses premium hydrolyzed collagen peptides.

One supplement is not the other

When choosing the right supplement, you can also look at the collagen’s source & amount, and at the other ingredients in it.

CelioGenix uses hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides from healthy fish from the Atlantic, rich in Type 1 collagen. 

The collagen we use is sustainably sourced. Eventually each 50ml bottle contains 10 grams of this hydrolyzed marine collagen.

Besides collagen, our drink also contains the daily recommended amount of many essential vitamins and minerals. For example vitamin C, which helps with the formation of collagen.

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CelioGenix Beauty Drink

Why choose marine collagen?

The most common collagen sources are bovine and fish collagen, but it is also found in pigs and chickens. Why we chose fish collagen?

  • A natural & clean source
  • Rich in Type 1 collagen
  • Easy to absorb
  • Many have a personal preferance for fish collagen over bovine collagen

Vitamins and minerals in CelioGenix

Besides collagen, our beauty drink also contains many essential vitamins and minerals, making it a perfect all-in-1 mixture. For example: vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen and a normal functioning immune system (4) and vitamin A supports the regenerative cappacity of the skin (5).

CelioGenix contains the following vitamins and minerals


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B, B3, B5, B6, B8 (Biotin), B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K1


  • Q10
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Copper

Want to find out what these vitamins & minerals are good for?

Click here to find out what they do

What are collagen types?

In total there exist 28 different collagen types. These types differ in composition and function, but many types work together. The most important ones are Type I, Type II, and Type III.

This type is most common and has an anti-aging effect on the skin. About 90% of the collagen in human skin exists of this specific type. In the case of skin aging, the skin thus mainly loses this type.

  • skin structure
  • skin hydration
  • skin repairing

The collagen in CelioGenix consists for over 50% of collagen type I.

This type is commonly found in bones and cartilage. Its main function is to keep the joints healthy.

This type is usually found in combination with Type I, so in the skin, but also in the muscles, organs, and blood vessels.

How can I figth a collagen shortage?

A healthy lifestyle and the right supplements can prevent or repair a lack of collagen, at any adult age.

Taking a collagen supplement every day or every other day is recommended if you want to prevent skin aging.

UV radiation, alcohol and tabacco are better to avoid since they damage the skin.

Using cremes with collagen is not necessarily a good idea since collagen cannot reach the dermis skin layer from the outside.

Go for beauty from within

We advise to drink one 50ml shot CelioGenix every day / every other day. This way you nourish and make the skin more beautiful from within.

Curious about CelioGenix? Discover more or send your question to [email protected].

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CelioGenix Beauty Drink


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