Helen from Beautyill tested the 60-Day Power Boost!

On her beautiful lifestyle & beauty blog, Helen recently wrote an article about CelioGenix. In this blog she tells more about how she experienced our 60-Day Power Boost. Curious?

“CelioGenix Premium Collagen Beauty Drink”

“Collagen, we here it more and more around us. Makes sense since it is the wapen against wrinkles. For the past 60 days I’ve been trying out CelioGenix Premium Collagen Beauty Drink for you and I would love to tell you all about it.”

CelioGenix by Beautyill

“My personal findings”

“I got to try out the 60 day boost, meaning every day one bottle for 60 days in a row. After this you can, for example, continue with one bottle every other day.”

“I am truly very enthusiastic. When it comes to my skin I do not really notice much of a difference in wrinkles, probably because I (thankfully!) barely have wrinkles yet. But I do see a difference in acne, my skin looks much more healthy. Besides I feel like physically it did a lot for me in relation to my whiplash.”

CelioGenix by Beautyill

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