What does Holistik say about CelioGenix?

The ladies of online magazine Holistik, Evelyn and Karlijn, dove into the CelioGenix beauty shots and discovered what collagen in combination with vitamins and minerals can do for your skin, hair, and nails. You can read all about it in their (Dutch) article.

“All-in-1 CelioGenix collagen beauty drinks”

“Collagen is a glue-forming protein that strengthens your skin. Your body constantly makes new collagen. But from the age of 25, the production decreases, and especially fast after you’re 40. Do you want to maintain a beautiful and firm skin when you age? Then you might want to give Mother Nature a hand. With CelioGenix, this is made really easy. With one bottle a day you can provide your body with a high dose of premium collagen, vitamins, and minerals.”

CelioGenix Beauty Drink

“Tested for 60 days”

“Holistika Evelyn (43) tested the beauty shots herself for a period of 60 days: “I am using CelioGenix for almost two months now. Every morning I take a bottle out of the fridge since the drink tastes best when it’s cold. The taste is quite sweet, so I like to mix CelioGenix with 100 ml of water. I noticed the first subtle results after 3 weeks. My skin is feeling more firm. After two more weeks I also started to notice some improvements in my hair and nails. My hair is visibly fuller (and it seems to be growing faster, but I can’t tell for sure). My nails are feeling strong and don’t break as easily anymore. I can even skip the layer of nail hardener I normally use. After 60 days I can only conclude: I wish I had discovered CelioGenix years before ;-).””

It is possible to access the Dutch Holistik blog yourself.