Fun facts about the skin, hair, and collagen!

The skin

Do you already know the following skin facts?



…when you go to sleep with make up on your face, your skin can age up to 7 times faster?

So always make sure to cleanse your face before bed!

…the thickness of your skin can vary a lot at different places of your body?

The biggest difference is that between the thin skin on your eyelids and the thick skin on the soles of your feet.

…a hot shower can damage your skin?

The high temperatur widens the blood vessels which causes more water to evaporate out of your skin. It is wise to avoid hot showers to keep your skin from drying out.

…the skin is the body’s largest organ?

Reason enough to take good care of it!

…the upper skin layer continuously renews itself and can lose up to half a kilo of dead skin every year?

A nice scrub every now and than can therefore be recommended.

…stress can cause early skin aging?

Another reason to relax more!

…touching the skin has many benefits?

It can calm you down and it supprts brain development.

The hair

And how about your knowlegde about the hair?



…a single hair has an average lifespan of 5 years?

So you also continuously renew you hair, but at a much slower pace than your skin cells

…hair grows faster in warm temperatures?

So for example, in summer your hair will grow faster than in winter.

…you can’t tell by a single hair whether it belongs to a man or woman?

In movies for example, you see that hair is used as DNA evidence. It’s true that there is a lot of information in a hair, but not whether the hair belongs to a man of woman.

…hair doesn’t grow on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet, lips, and mucous membranes?

Apart from these places, hair can grow basically anywhere on your body.

…blondes usually have way more hair than brunettes?

But this has only to do with the number of hairs, not with the thickness and glow of course.


For the advanced: facts about collagen!



…collagen is a glue forming protein?

This is why it gives firmness and elasticity.

…it is a protein our bodies produce?

We produce collagen and use it throughout our entire body. At least until a certain age we do,,,

…a young, healthy skin consists for about 80% out of collagen?

Unfortunately, this percentage already decreases around the age of 25 and when we’re about 50 years old, we’ve already lost half of this.

…this protein gives you supple joints?

Joint complaints are quite common when we get older, but luckily we can reduce these by taking supplements!

…collagen supplements can also have a positive effect on your muscles?

Collagen also provides your muscles with structure, making collagen supplements a nice products for athletes as well (especially when it’s in combination with many vitamins and minerals).

…there are 28 different types of collagen?

The classic types are I, II, and III. Many types support each other’s functions.