CelioGenix in online magazine MamsatWork

Joyce from online magazine MamsatWork tested and reviewed our Collagen Beauty Drink. She wrote a nice article about the beauty shots on her online blog:

“A collagen shot a day for glowing skin”

Blogger Joyce drinking CelioGenix

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that my skin has really gotten worse in the last few years. Not surprising of course, since I am approaching the age of 50 and already went through menopause. During this phase your skin and hormone balance are naturally going through many changes, which did not do my appearance any good. Therefore, I am regularly in search of products that can help me – and my skin – out. Drinking collagen is a great example of something I’ve found during this search. This time, I had the chance to try CelioGenix and I would love to share my experience with you, so you can decide if it’s a collagen product for you too!”

Our Beauty Drink
Joyce - MamsatWork

“CelioGenix’s Ingredients”

“CelioGenix collagen contains more than just collagen. Multiple vitamins and minerals were added to this collagen drink to make the shot even more effective. Besides, CelioGenix contains Aloe Vera and Goji Berries and the co enzyme Q10 which you regularly find in anti-aging products.”

“Conclusion and my CelioGenix experiences”

“Like I said, I think this drink is very nice to drink, CelioGenix’s collagen shot tastes quite sweet. In case you’d find that too strong you can always mix it with water, but personally I don’t find that necessary. Be sure to cool the collagen drink, that makes the drink taste better. Furthermore, after using it regularly I notice that my skin does indeed appear more fresh and firm. Admittedly, I am wearing some make up in the picture above?, but I still think I look good. If I may say so. And after all these busy months that’s really nice to see.”