Beautyblog Beautytijd: duo review CelioGenix

For their beauty blog Beautytijd, Wilma and Eveline wrote a nice piece about CelioGenix Beauty Drink. Mother and daughter both tested the collagen drink and evaluated the workings and its quality:

“CelioGenix Premium All-in-1 Collagen Beauty Drink (duo review)”

“CelioLabs International is a Dutch company that develops high-end beauty products. With CelioGenix they launched a Collagen Beauty Drink. So no collagen powder that you need to mix yourself with, for example, water, but a Premium All-in-1 collagen drink ready to use in a fancy bottle. Besides, it’s filled with vitamins to boost your health. As believers in the phrase ‘beautiful from the inside out in a healthy body’, we tested this drink that refers to ‘Heavenly Genes’ ? .”


“After we dove into the story of CelioGenix, we are more than confident that this is a product of very high and pure quality. With 10000mg of the very best fish collagen we believe in CelioGenix’s promise. This because the collagen in CelioGenix namely consists of Type 1, the type that is know to counteract skin-aging and to be best to absorb by the human body. This way, you maintain a nice, firm skin and wrinkles and fine lines will be prevented! We think CelioGenix is a very beautiful Dutch product and a must for anyone that wants to work on beauty and health from the inside out!”