Beautyblog Beautybyfrieda: why Frieda is a fan of CelioGenix!

Frieda tried CelioGenix and wrote about it on her blog beautybyfrieda. As a true beauty-lover knowing the importance of taking collagen, she evaluated our Collagen Beauty Drink and explained why she’s a fan:

“CelioGenix Collagen Beauty Drink”

“The most important step in my skincare routine is the intake of collagen. I find this so important and don’t ever skip a day. It is a waste to only take care of your skin from the outside, the products you use need a good skin base for maximum results.”



“The great advantage of CelioGenix is that it comes in a ready-to-use bottle, you don’t need to dissolve a powder in water. Just shake it and that’s it. The taste is nice and sweet, but if you like it more fresh you can mix it with water.”

“The beauty drink CelioGenix is great for my skin, firms it and gives a nice even result. After a while you really notice a change in your skin.”